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It is a relationship you build with a trained psychotherapist for the purpose of helping you to deal with the symptoms of your mental illness or to achieve desired goals and changes you want to achieve in your life.

  1. Self Understanding: therapy helps you to know yourself, triggers, identify your negative thinking. In addition, knowing your strengths and build on it.
  2. Growth: working on the lessons to be learned, building self compassion, strategies in dealing with what is hurting or stressing you.
  3. Re-Balance: taking your time to heal, not judging yourself
  4. Building Resilience and hope: each one of us has a past and mistakes that we don’t want to share
    its okay! we will help you to accept your past and be compassionate more towards you!
  5. Healing: No one said opening up is easy, but i always see therapy process as healing wound. The wound can be deep, painful and been there for a long time..
    While it’s painful, you’ve been managing it or ignoring it and not going to the root of it..
    Healing or surgery for that wound will be painful.. However, it will heal in a beautiful way..

You might feel Nervous or overwhelmed! It’s totally fine.

You can write down your notes in advance
Such as:

I feel:
My thoughts are:
My problem list:


It depends, Some People need 4 to 5 sessions for mild problems. Others need up to 10 sessions based on the severity of the problem. Some stay for therapy as support and boosting session.

I mainly use CBT Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which is an evidence based study focuses on thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

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